Wheel Kits

If you know what size you need, go to the corresponding link to see every wheel RollerBob has that will fit your inline skates. One way to determine the size wheels your inline skates need is to simply look at what's currently installed on them. Usually you will find two numbers that indicate the size and the durometer of the inline wheels. The size will be stated in millimeters with a number followed by 'mm' (example: 80mm) and the size in millimeters is the more important number to know about your inline wheels. Typically major brand inline skates like Rollerblade and K2 will print the maximum size wheels that will fit somewhere on the skate frame. Sometimes you can install larger wheels than what originally came on the skates from the factory, but you usually cannot install larger than the maximum size indicated on the inline frame. However, a skate with a maximum wheel size stated as 80mm will usually accept the 80.5mm ZeroDrag wheels without any problems.

All RollerBob inline wheel kits contain high quality, name brand wheel and ZeroDrag brand bearing. Kits* from RollerBob are the most affordable way to purchase inline skate wheels and bearings.

*kits include 8 inline wheels of your choice and 16 ZeroDrag bearings.

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