Featured Inline Wheel Brands

AmWing Wheels: You're probably not familiar with the name AmWing Technosport, but this company from Taiwan makes some of the fastest inline skate wheels on the planet. They have been developing their products for over 10 years in Asia and introduced them in the USA in 2007. AmWing wheels are specially designed for racing on asphalt and we stock these wheels in two models,the yellow AmWing Track and the blue AmWing Pro Race wheel.

Labeda Wheels: Labeda has been making wheels since 1969, and that's longer than anyone else we know of. The quality, performance, and consistency of their products has always been excellent. Labeda does not make inline skate wheels larger than 84mm, but their wheels will work well for recreational/fitness skaters that still use these smaller size wheels and want trouble-free quality wheels.

ZeroDrag Wheels: ZeroDrag started in the late 1990s as the sports bearing division of the Peer Bearing Corporation. After successfully developing some of the finest performance bearings in the inline world, in 2004 they turned their attention to making inline skate wheels as well. Based on the molds and cores of the Labeda Highway Patrol race wheels, ZeroDrag fine-tuned the urethane for higher performance and much better wear.

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